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Seeknit Koshitsu Interchangeable Needles - 12.5cm

Seeknit Koshitsu Interchangeable Needles - 12.5cm

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Length: 12.5cm / 5in

The Koshitsu Interchangeable Tips from Seeknit are made in Japan from specially selected high-quality Japanese bamboo, and offer superior flexibility and durability. 

Koshitsu knitting needles have a smooth surface and a finely buffed tip, making it easier to pick up your stitches. The needles are created with a high temperature, high pressure treatment and finished off with natural plant wax to create a wonderfully warm and sleek needle. Seeknit recommend applying carnauba wax to maintain the beautiful surface of these needles over time.

M1.8, M2, and M4 size screws are used for the needle tips and cords - the required screw for each size is listed in the dropdown, and in the pictures. You can use the converter to reduce the screw size of the needle tip and cords.

Seeknit metal parts are made of brass, and are nickel-free.

Please note that when knitting with darker yarns, the colour of the yarn may transfer to the bamboo needles. This is a natural feature of bamboo needles, and will not affect use.

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