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Sandnes Garn Pattern Booklet - 2308 DIY (Vol 1)

Sandnes Garn Pattern Booklet - 2308 DIY (Vol 1)

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This printed knitting and crochet pattern booklet from Sandnes contains a collection of 11 beautiful designs.

The Debutant Cardigan, Debutant Sweater, and Facile Sweater are super nice designs with a good fit, and great for beginner knitters. The beautiful Artisane Cardigan is made up of various techniques and knitting structures, translated from French, the name means "skilled and experienced female craftsman". Stella Neck is a must-have, just as nice in a coat as over a sweater or dress. Such small projects provide a good opportunity for a small splash of colour in the wardrobe. The Gingham Sweater has a nice oversized fit. The check pattern is a classic, and here the colour options are endless. The Aya Jacket is a gem that oozes exclusivity. It is crocheted and the technique is easier than you think. The Stella Sweater is a classic knitted in rib pattern, with nice details around the neck and at the bottom of the sleeve. The Abby Sweater Kos Edition has great construction and an oversized fit that suits many body shapes.

The designs included in the booklet are as pictured:

  • Artisane Cardigan
  • Stella Neck Warmer
  • Debutant Cardigan 3A
  • Debutant Cardigan 3B
  • Gingham Sweater
  • Debutant Sweater 5A
  • Debutant Sweater 5B
  • Aya Jacket (Crochet)
  • Facile Sweater
  • Stella Sweater
  • Abby Sweater

Sandnes have the full details of each design, including gauge, on their website.

Format: Printed Booklet (English)

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