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Pigeon Wishes

La Petite Maison Couture x Pigeon Wishes Crème de la Crème Button Set 23mm

La Petite Maison Couture x Pigeon Wishes Crème de la Crème Button Set 23mm

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A special collaboration between Pigeon Wishes and La Petite Maison Couture, part of their Heritage Collection.

These beautiful 100% bio resin buttons from Pigeon Wishes are tough, glossy and have a smooth texture.

They are lovely and lightweight, making them perfect for delicate knitwear! These are a little thicker than typical Pigeon Wishes buttons, making them perfect for chunkier button bands too.

The way these buttons are made means that each button is one of a kind, completely unique. Pigeon Wishes buttons are made from bio resin, so they are derived from cellulose which is more sustainable than plastic.

Bio resin behaves differently from plastic so rather than being placed into a mould, the buttons were laser cut into shape. Colours are embedded into the buttons (rather than painted on the surface) meaning not only are the buttons beautiful, they are also strong and hard wearing.

The round Crème de la Crème buttons feature tones of pinks, reds, bordeaux, beiges, écrus and white.

Packaged in FSC certified card paper with transparent display window. Would make a beautiful gift for someone special (or yourself!).

Measurements: Diameter 23 mm

Material: Bio resin

Quantity: 8pcs

Care: Machine washable - 30C cool wash, do not bleach, do not use alkaline laundry detergent, normal tumble dry.

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