Terms & Conditions

You might find the answer to your question below. If you don't, please get in touch - we'd love to chat!


Where are you based?

Plush Society is currently an online-only business based in the UK. All of our orders are shipped from East London. We do not offer local collection at this time.

Do you have a physical shop?

We do not currently have a physical shop, but we are hoping to open one in the future!

Where do you ship?

Please see our Shipping page for the most up-to-date information on where we ship, and the shipping options we offer.

Do you offer discounts or voucher codes?

We do not offer any 'secret' voucher codes, new customer discounts, subscriber-only offers, etc. We feel that this not equally fair to all of our customers. We choose to be transparent with our offers instead.

All customers, new and old, are able to sign up to our loyalty programme - see the 'Rewards' button at the bottom corner of every page. By using the programme, you can exchange points for £off coupons. You can gain points through purchases, and also by completing actions, such as by signing up for a customer account.

We also offer kits and bundles on our site, which offer savings compared to buying the products individually.

We rarely offer site-wide discount codes, these will be clearly advertised.

How will my order be packaged?

We try to balance protecting your order, and respecting the environment, with our packaging.

We use paper or cardboard to package all of our orders, and choose not to use poly-mailers.

Any plastic we use in your order, eg bubble-wrap, will be biodegradable or compostable.

Some products already come wrapped in plastic, and we cannot avoid this. Please get in touch if you wish to check if this applies to any items you are interested in.

We also package all individual printed patterns inside biodegradable cello bags, with a tamper evident sticker over the seal. This means that you are able to return the pattern if you change your mind. If you would prefer your pattern to be sent loose, please just let us know!

Will you include an invoice in my order?

No. We do not include printed invoices, or receipts, in your order.

This means that you can send orders directly to recipients as a gift, if you wish!

If you'd like to us to include a printed copy of your receipt with your order, please let us know straight away.

My order hasn't arrived?

We're really sorry to hear this. Please check your tracking information, and get in touch with us if you think there's a problem. All of our orders are insured, and we are responsible for them until you receive your order safe and sound.

What if I'm not happy with my order?

Oh no, we're so sorry about this. We want every customer to be completely happy with their experience of shopping with us, always. Please take a look at our refund policy, and get in touch with us. We will do everything we can to make things right.


Can you help me choose which yarn to buy?

We would be delighted to! We love talking about our products and would love to have a chat.

Let us know if you're looking for yarn for a particular pattern, and we can suggest some options.

We can also send you example pics of our yarns in different lightings, and demonstrate colour pairings and colour matchings to help you choose.

Are your products any good?

We are big believers in our products. One of our core values is that we will never stock anything that we would not buy and use ourselves.

If you need any help choosing a product, we would love to help!

Will all my yarn have the same batch code?

We will always send you yarn from the same dye-lot, where applicable.

Let us know before ordering if you're looking for a particular dye-lot, and we can let you know what we have.

How often do you restock products?

We do our absolute best to keep a healthy stock level for all of our products.

However, if you are interested in a particular product, please let us know and we can often pre-order it for you!

Can you wind my skein of yarn into a ball for me?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer this service.

I think you may be interested in selling my products. How can I get in touch?

That's great to hear! Please get in touch with us, we'd love to have a chat.

I need support with a pattern. Can you help me?

We can certainly try! We'd always suggest contacting the pattern designer first though, as they're the experts.

Website & Business

How can I create a customer account?

1. Click on the head and shoulders icon in the top-right of the page.

2. Enter your email address.

3. You will receive an email with a 6-digit login code.

4. Enter the code to access your new account page.

How can I sign up for your loyalty scheme?

It's simple! Just follow the instructions in the Rewards pop-up box. Let us know if you have any problems.

Will I pay VAT?

We are a VAT-registered business, so we charge VAT where applicable. All taxes will be clearly detailed on your invoice, which will be emailed to you after you have placed your order.

What are your company details?

Registered Business Name: Plush Knitting Ltd, T/A Plush Society

Email address: chloe@plushsociety.co.uk

Company number 15183923

VAT number 450 3656 06

How will you process my data?

Please see our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Everything else

I'm a complete beginner. Where do I start?

How exciting! Everyone starts somewhere. We'd recommend checking out one of our Sophie Scarf kits - these are perfect for beginners.

Do you collaborate with influencers?

We do not currently offer complementary products to influencers.

We do not feel that this is fair to our paying customers.

If you have ideas for any other type of collab or partnership, then please get in touch about it!